What is counselling?

The counselling process provides a safe, confidential space for people to explore their difficulties, and to give them a chance to be heard in non-judgemental environment. Through listening attentively, empathy, enquiry, sometimes explaining certain feelings, behaviours, and patterns (psychoeducation) the counsellor can help a person to become more self-aware, self-accepting, see more options and make more informed choices and decisions. 

A safe therapeutic relationship can be a useful space to practise difficult conversations or to try out new options and explore different perspectives. It often supports people with finding meaning in everyday life. 


My aim is to enable each client to explore and resolve issues in the way that suits them best personally. I believe that many of our problems stem from long-term over-adaptation to our external world with not enough attention being paid to the truth of our internal world. As a result we may feel we do not fit our skin or we may be living a life that is unfulfilling and we can end up feeling stressed, depressed, anxious, angry, and fearful about a whole range of life situations.

I trust that each one of us has the resources within ourselves to live life to its full potential. On the journey of therapy with me, I will support you to find your own ways to reconnect with yourself and get in touch with your emotions. I will help you to clarify and understand why your life feels overwhelming. By gaining the awareness and insight, the process of your growth and lasting change can begin and the quality of your internal and external life can improve.

I am trained integratively and I apply various techniques and interventions to suit your needs and ways you see the world. As an integrative therapist I use a range of theories including, humanistic, psychodynamic, CBT, Gestalt, and Transactional Analysis. I offer you the non-judgemental, empathic space where you can, at your own pace, find your answers, feel heard and understood.

My approach to counselling and therapy

In my private counselling practice in RH13 area (Horsham, Henfield, Steyning) I offer sessions in English and Polish